Feeling senseless Coffee can save me

Slept only 4 hrs still feeling senseless. As soon as i ask for coffee  my made give me surprise that coffee has now been ended. WTF

Kl bta deti yaar abhi kyon ‘ab kya karna hai yaar’ koi kuch bta de meko.

A person who takes 20 and more coffees per day. I am feeling like “coffeeholic”(deadly diseases) for me.

Nusrat chacha on the way to open youtube.

Facebook is not just compulsory

Now a days Facebook app has install in every phone whatever phone you use you can use facebook. Commenting on a post, Liking a post, watching lots of videos. These all we do because world want it. The activity we do on facebook just to highlight yourself.Too show the World A person named “anybody” is also live on The earth. If you want to find someone,everybody has only answer “bhai facebook per search kr”. WTF Is happening.fuck-facebook-and-live-life

“Bhai Facebook is not just compulsory”

Grow up man

While Working on after effects “O Zalima” set my mind

Seriously making a clean VFX not always easy. Such sometime you have to finish a project and have to go outdoor for something. Working on pc with lots of tensions in mind suddenly Zalima you made my evening ocean .


Friends making fun With Boomer(my dog) and abusing me

Cleaned room its not always possible for me BIG THING

Raftaar on fire #atul

Stay Tuned And Listen ” O Zalima”

TIME – 06:34 PM          Place – #404 #topfloor #

Morning (my morning) with cup of coffee and Technical Hitch

I used to listen these in the mornign so that my mind could active all the day.


have to take shower and go to the tample its 1st of feb today need to worship for knowledge and future.

Stay tuned

Time – 3:23 , Date 1/2/2017 Place – Bhopal

Reasons to be Here

This is the post excerpt.

I don’t like take pic of places I visit. I am talking about my everyday.Whatever I do “can be anytging ‘like planing for night out’ ‘Going market for shopping’ ‘Fast and Furious  with dial 100.” I mean everything I do. I could remember all of them somehow in a “quite room low light .with my phone in hand.”

I think pictures can’t make us remember everything of that situation.

Writing can be make you remember things better then others.