To live sunshine is the most important thing, without the sun life is just a thought.

Time – 10:51am  date – 13/06/2017 place – #kk36


People can see me 18 to 20 hrs sit upon chair in front of my pc, only my hands moves, eyes blink often, I forget to eat and attend the calls, I lose ability to see things heppening around me, my ears stop hearing anything until someone touch me and reminds me to do the things.

Time – 11:03pm. Date – 06/06/2017  place – #kk36

All creativity is not for everyone to like or understand. All art is not up for sale. It is to keep you company when you’re alone, when you need a friend, when the world doesn’t seem to understand you, your creativity will keep you inspired. – A part of me 

Time – 07:26pm  date – 02/06/2016 place – #kk36

Above the shit called IQ, this is working memory

I found myself walking upon path that only go to very deep down inside my body, and when I go to take a nap, the path started taking me high itself, there is no sign of life above everything, I can’t see anybody. Only I can see a very little thing like quantum with few letters hanging around “I run the world”. So I can say it’s very lonely at the top. And nights are very lonely.

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Time – 06:39pm  date – 24/05/2017 place – #kk36