Every morning 

Don’t try to figure out our mental 

Problems at night. Nights are symbol of dark past.

I can bet, you will never apply what you thought last night in the next morning.

Never every live someone else dreams.

Nights are for work hard and harder.

TIME – 2:45         DATE – 07/02/2017       PLACE – BHOPAL


Unknown trip “Going high Getting down”

Achievements may give life,happiness,fame,money,successful dreams.

According to newton’s third law “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”

You will never get an achievements. You will always get reason to lose youself.


Time – 7:32pm                   date – 05/02/2017         place – Bhopal #404


Reasons to be Here

This is the post excerpt.

I don’t like take pic of places I visit. I am talking about my everyday.Whatever I do “can be anytging ‘like planing for night out’ ‘Going market for shopping’ ‘Fast and Furious  with dial 100.” I mean everything I do. I could remember all of them somehow in a “quite room low light .with my phone in hand.”

I think pictures can’t make us remember everything of that situation.

Writing can be make you remember things better then others.