Reasons to be Here

This is the post excerpt.

I don’t like take pic of places I visit. I am talking about my everyday.Whatever I do “can be anytging ‘like planing for night out’ ‘Going market for shopping’ ‘Fast and Furious  with dial 100.” I mean everything I do. I could remember all of them somehow in a “quite room low light .with my phone in hand.”

I think pictures can’t make us remember everything of that situation.

Writing can be make you remember things better then others.

People can see me 18 to 20 hrs sit upon chair in front of my pc, only my hands moves, eyes blink often, I forget to eat and attend the calls, I lose ability to see things heppening around me, my ears stop hearing anything until someone touch me and reminds me to do the things.

Time – 11:03pm. Date – 06/06/2017  place – #kk36

All creativity is not for everyone to like or understand. All art is not up for sale. It is to keep you company when you’re alone, when you need a friend, when the world doesn’t seem to understand you, your creativity will keep you inspired. – A part of me 

Time – 07:26pm  date – 02/06/2016 place – #kk36