I choose black and white, It show both positiveness and negativeness in me. But when I select all Black, there I am ‘Bloody Hacker’.


Reasons to be Here

This is the post excerpt.

I don’t like take pic of places I visit. I am talking about my everyday.Whatever I do “can be anytging ‘like planing for night out’ ‘Going market for shopping’ ‘Fast and Furious  with dial 100.” I mean everything I do. I could remember all of them somehow in a “quite room low light .with my phone in hand.”

I think pictures can’t make us remember everything of that situation.

Writing can be make you remember things better then others.

you may have two type of knowledge. knowledge that you gain from books which have been written by authors. knowledge that you create yourself, both are important but if you create it yourself, so will history of your name.

Time – 9:49pm  date – 28/07/2017   Place – #kk36